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Foot Problems

help for foot or ankle pain and injury by gentle chiropractic treatments

How Special Are Our Feet?

If you have healthy feet, stop to give thanks for the feet you have. It is amazing how much abuse we actually do to our feet over the years. Let's look at common conditions and symptoms people experience in their feet and ankles, followed by some of the causes of these symptoms and conditions, then where to get help.

Some conditions and symptoms common in the foot and ankle:

Ligament laxity and loss of the arch
Sharp pain
Dull pain,

What causes the conditions and symptoms in your foot or ankle and how common is it?

Each foot and each ankle have a combined total of 28 bones. Where one bone attaches to another bone a joint is formed. In each joint of your foot and ankle there is the potential for the joint to become misaligned (subluxated) causing your feet and ankles to ache. Bone misalignment can create a cascade of events and conditions. When the bones are misaligned they pull on the fascia around the muscle and on the bottom of the foot creating fascitis, tendons are stretched causing tendonitis, ligaments are stretched and you have ligament laxity, bursa under the tendons become irritated and you get bursitis, tendons and ligaments pull on the bones and you get arthritis. Between irritation of the nerves in the feet and irritation of the nerves that go to the feet you can have neuritis.

The nerves in your feet and ankles have their origin in the lumber/sacral spine. A bulging disc in the low back or spinal problems in your low back can create pressure on nerves exiting the spine and cause the symptoms in your feet and ankles listed above.

The origination of foot/ankle problems could form a long list but here are a few examples:

. Improperly fitted or poor footwear both new and used.(cost does not equal quality)
. Many times it is overuse injuries for many it is just being on their feet too long.
. Long periods standing or walking on a hard or uneven surfaces.
. (shopping malls hurt a man's feet and hunting hurts a woman's)
. For a painter its being on a ladder too long.
. Human feet were not made for standing on a rung like a monkey.
. How about intentionally or unintentionally kicking the wrong thing, kick boxing, jumping, running, pogo stick, jump rope, hop scotch, basketball, volley ball, trampolines.
. Jumping off of high places and landing on our feet. (like superman, batman, or spiderguy)
. Motorcycle accidents, car accidents, work injuries lifting with the feet.
. Foot ball, socker, track, ballet, gymnastics and base ball injuires.
. Twisting your foot/ankle stepping of a curb.
. Pushing a stove, fridge, or vehicle.
. Horses or cattle stepping your the foot. (or square dancing partner.)

How common are foot injuries and problems?

For runners, the top injuries are knees then secondary injuries are feet. Cody, my three year old, had a bone out in his foot causing pain. My wife Barbara had her little toe out on her right and left foot that she asked me last night to adjust them; 5 people came up for prayer at church last Sunday for their foot pain.

What to do for Aching Feet and Ankles

The only way to know for sure what is causing your feet to ache is to do a good orthopedic neurological exam which we do at Good News Chiropractic. Don't suffer needlessly with aching feet. Get your life back.

Happy are the feet that carry the good news.


Testimonies from Patients:

"In 1991, I suffered a compound dislocation of my ankle in a motorcycle accident.

My ability to walk, engage in sports, and to work got progressively worse over the years. Late in 2007, I made the decision to have surgery to try to alleviate some of the pain. I had scheduled the surgery when my massage therapist suggested that I see Dr. Bradley. "  read more ...


"My name is Jean and I had a very bad left foot. It hurt so bad, and was very difficult to walk on, When I got off work I would set in my car and cry it hurt so much." read more ...

Many of the conditions, pains and problems that people suffer from have responded to chiropractic treatments. If you don't see your particular problem listed on our web site, please call Dr. Bradley and discuss it with him - there may be help for you, too.

You can read, listen and view our client testimonials about many of these conditions and how our patients have found relief from their pain and discomfort.



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